Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hello there blogging world!

Good evening ladies and gents! (Or should I say good morning as I'm writing this at 2am?!) Welcome to my brand spanking shiny new blog! I hope you've been pleased so far (aesthetically at least, as I appreciate there isn't a great deal of reading material as of yet!)

To get the ball rolling in this blogging malarky I thought I would tell you about a few of my favourite things so you can get to know me a little...

Numbero uno...Laughing
I guess this might be a bit of an obvious one - who doesn't like laughing? But there's something about sharing that cheek-hurting, side-splitting merriment with your besties that fills me with joy =).

Number two...Cupcakes
All that scrumminess in a perfectly presented little package...what's not to love?!

                                                       Number three...Nail polish
Some may call my relationship with it an unhealthy obsession...I merely label it a hobby ;-)

Number four...Sunshine!
Whether on an icy winter morning or a lazy summer afternoon, there's nothing like the feeling of the sun shining on your face through the clouds to brighten up your day!

                                                       Number five...Sparkles!
As superficial as it sounds, a bit of sparkle always seems to make everything better!

Thanks for reading ladies!
What are a few of your favourite things??
Abi xx

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