Monday, 11 April 2011

Fishy Feet!

Having seen a feature on this new beauty craze on This Morning (morning chat show in the UK) a few months ago, I had been intrigued for a while! The idea is that you put your feet in a tank of water filled with special fish, imported from Turkey, that nibble away your dry skin! Strange concept, but in a weird way it kind of sounds like it would work doesn't it!

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Here's what an expert has to say:
"The 'natural pedicure' gets rid of hard or flaky skin on the feet; effectively assists with treating psoriasis and eczema; improves blood circulation in the feet and also relaxes the body to reduce fatigue."
Bradley Carter, managing director of Dr Spa Fish. (

Well, on Saturday my intrigue got the better of me and my friend and I headed of to our nearest Dr Spa Fish salon to give it a whirl!

But I have to say, unfortunately, the only thing we were impressed with was the price - just as we got to the salon a girl started handing out half price vouchers for the treatment so instead of the usual £10 for 15 minutes (which we both agreed was a good price anyway) it only cost us £5 each.

Firstly, neither of us could stand the feeling! It was tickly and uncomfortable and although it didn't hurt, at times you could really feel the little fish nibbling away! By the end of our time we were both very relieved to remove our feet from the tank!

Not only that but the results were...well...rubbish!! Neither of us could see a considerable difference afterwards and agreed that, if anything, our dry skin was now more obvious! It was as if the fish had loosened the skin but not removed it. Not to mention the fact that our feet now felt uneven because the fish had unevenly bitten away at our skin!

I must also say that the 'salon' had none of the usual clean, white, tranquil look and feel of most other beauty shops but it's decor was more 'kids-playground' - a very garish orange and blue!

So all round, not a very pleasant experience and definitely not what I would usually associate with beauty treatments and relaxation!

What do you think? Have you had it done? Would you give it a go?

Thanks for reading!! xx

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  1. Well im only 14 so i dont think i would ahah. but my sister wanted to give it ago we did some research on it and we found out something that totally put us of it:| Sorry i dont want to scare you but we found out that using fish pedicures can infect you... read more here
    Its pretty freaky:| <3 xx