Monday, 5 March 2012

NOTD: Blue My Mind

Afternoon Petals! How is everyone? Today's NOTD post features one of my absolute favourite nail polishes in my collection - not just for colour but for consistency and versatility as well! I present to you Blue My Mind by H&M. The colour is a brilliant royal blue which I think can be worn all year long from Winter to Summer because it's a great fun colour but isn't too bright or crazy to wear in the colder months. Would you agree?

I bought the polish last summer from a H&M store for a measly £2.99! Not bad at all considering the quality! It goes on almost opaque in the first coat but I always do a second one just to be sure. It's also so easy to work with and has the right mix between being thick enough that it stays in place but not in any way gloopy.

I found what I'm sure is the same polish on the H&M website but the name has been changed to Something Blue. Here is the link. 

 What do you think? Do you enjoy it as much as me? What are you wearing on your nails at the mo?
Thank you for reading! Abi xx


  1. love this shade for winter - would definitely rock this on the weekends. although right now i am a bit more into spring shades and wearing coral nails... i know i will change my mind before the season ends. lovely!
    xx shari ana

  2. I love this shade! I've been looking for a blue like this for ages - must have a look next time im in h&m i have my eye on the greeny version too :)

    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog :) Im now following you back :) having a flick through your posts now.. :D xx

  3. Gorgeous color! Love this!


  4. I have this colour too, H&M nail polishes are good!
    I like your blog and I'm following you now, hope you'll follow me back :)

  5. This is my absolute favourite colour on nails - so edgy!
    Ayesha x

  6. amazing color, great post, following you back of course,kisses

  7. Oh i love this nailspolish! I ordered it, too and now i am really happy about it:) Hope my paket come soon;)

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  8. I've seen this on a few blogs and it looks lovely,will def be having a look next time I'm in H&M.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog,now following your great blog!
    Ashlie x

  9. I LOVE this colour! have never tried H&M polishes before think I will have to buy this is looks loevly

    Loved reading this post, just followed your blog

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    1. Thank you! following back :) xx