Monday, 19 March 2012

What's In My Bag?!

Hey Lovelies! So I know the What's In My Bag blogpost/YouTube video is far from original and it seems every beauty girl on YT and every beauty blogger has done one but it is suuuch a popular one so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! Hope you don't mind!

Here is my bag. I purchased it from H&M last summer and I think it was around the £14.99 mark. Bargain and I love it! It's a gorge soft pinky/beigey leather (probably faux) with gold hardware. It has a popper closure and drawstrings which the second image demonstrates. However, I usually leave these open. It is just the right size for my ridiculous amount of crap and can also hold an A4 pad of paper for when I'm at uni!

What's in it then?!

  • Sat Nav
  • Fingerless gloves (H&M)
  • Hand sanitiser spray
  • Mini Soap and Glory body lotion that I use as hand cream on the go!
  • Mini Ghost perfume (I think it's Ghost Midnight or something?!)
  • 3 tins of Vaseline - (completely necessary?? haha) - Cocoa Butter, Rose & Original 
  • Biro
  • Mobile Phone - iPhone 3 (heap of crap, really want the iPhone 4s!!)
  • Travel toothbrush
  • 4 lipglosses and a lipstick 
  • 2 packs of half eaten chewing gum
  • Keys
  • Wallet and coin purse
  • Earphones
  • Black umbrella with pink hearts
So do you guys carry as much rubbish around with you as me?! Someone please tell me they also have 8 lip products in their bag as well so I don't feel like a complete freak haha.

Hope you enjoyed. Lots of love xxx

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  1. I really love these posts, probably because I'm nosey haha it's a lovely bag and I love how you have 3 vaselines and 4 lipglosses as I always seem to carry too much random stuff around with me! Really lovely blog, now following :) xxx

  2. I have so much crap in my bag, do not think a post like this would look good :p yours is lovely!x

  3. I tagged you in this post! :)

  4. Love these types of posts. My bag is full of paper! xx

  5. I love those what's in my bag posts, so cool =) I also bring a lot of things with me <3 and many things are also in your bag ! Kisses

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  6. I LOVE the bag it is so cool :) love your blog xx

  7. Ha love Vaseline!