Monday, 28 May 2012

Just Another Manic(ure) Monday!

Hey ladies! Enjoying the glorious weather?!


Here are my current nails! The amazing sunshine and temperatures we are experiencing in England at the moment inspired me to do something bright and fun! I used Barry M's Flamingo Pink as my base colour (a gorgeous luminous pink) and Molten Copper from Accessorize (but purchased from Boots) for the glitter accent, a beautiful rose gold glitter. 

I have a couple of other glitter polishes for the Accessorize range as well and I'm really impressed with them! This look was achieved with only two thin coats and you can barely see the colour underneath!

How are you making the most of the weather?! I've been spending lots of time with friends outside, barbecuing and just chilling out! 
Thank you for reading! xxx


  1. Your nails look gorgeous! Love the look of the glitter polish, goes perfectly with the pink. X

  2. Looks great.I really really like it.
    Come and visit my Blog :)

  3. Gorgeous nails, especially love the added glamour with the gold! Great job :)

  4. I love how you added the gold to pink, it works so well together!

    Natasha x

  5. I love the look! My glitter nailpolish from h&m is so hard to get off my nails!!! I have to scrup it away, normal nailpolishremover doesn't help!

  6. Nice Combo - I have the same polishes and havent thought to do this design..thanks for posting!
    Feel free to check out my blog sometime xoxo