Thursday, 10 May 2012


Evening ladies!
So I've been really interested in trying nail foils for a while now - ever since they became popular and I saw them popping up in lots of shops, YT videos and blogposts. You all know how much I enjoy beautifying my nails, but I don't have the steadiest of hands or the most creative flare so nail art has never really been my strong point. So the idea of having a pretty, intricate, perfect little design on each of my fingers with little to no fiddling around and zero drying time massively appealed to me! However, the £5-£7 price tag most certainly did not. It just seems a little steep to me for only one or two uses. So imagine my joy when I saw these little beauties in Primark for only £1! Yep, that's right a quid! Bargain! I only saw this design and one other which was equally as attractive to me but I thought I'd just pick up this one in case I didn't get on with them or they weren't very good quality. I'm glad I refrained from buying two!

 The packet contains 10 foils shaped for fingers and 10 for toes.

 NOT A GREAT LOOK! As you can see the foils didn't really work for me! I found that they ripped very easily even though I was sure to take care whilst applying. They were very fragile which could be an indication of the quality but as I have not tried any other nail foils from more expensive brands I can't be sure whether this is just the way they are and I need some more practice! Regardless, they were not easy to work with and I am still finding little sticky gold and black bits everywhere as they seemed to stick everywhere except my nails! When it came to removing them (which I promptly did as soon as taking these pictures!), that was a bit of a nightmare as well! Nail polish remover doesn't work with these so I had to scrape them off each nail which was tedious and a bit gross!
 Overall, I wouldn't recommend these as I think the quality is poor and they definitely didn't have the desired effect. I think I would have had less trouble trying to create this design myself with polish and nail art pens even with my unsteady hand! However, maybe it is just my poor nail foiling skills and I need a bit more practice! Have you tried these or any other nail foils? Did you experience the same problems as me? Let me know! xx                                                                                                                                                               


  1. Ohhh what a shame these didnt work out!
    Love the leopard print though :)

  2. Brought a couple of cheap sets recently, only paid about £1 aswell. I have to say, they don't last long! And in order to keep them looking nice (if they stay on), you have to keep on re-applying a clear top coat.

    I prefer doing it with nail varnish and nail art pens.

    Rosa x

  3. it's annoying that they didnt work properly for you coz the foil actually looks amazing x

  4. You're not alone! I've had some terrible luck with nail stickers too, and I've just totally give up :D xoxo
    A Thing of Beauty