Friday, 11 May 2012

Lush: No Drought Dry Shampoo

Hello again girlies!
So this post is a bit more positive than my last! I think I've found a new holy grail product! I have been an avid dry shampoo user for a good few years now. Because my hair is dry and damaged I like to wash it as infrequently as I can get away with (usually every 2-3 days) to try and keep the damage at bay so since discovering dry shampoo it has been my bestie mate as I'm not a fan of the slick and greasy look!

I've tried a few of the dry shampoos on the market - Batiste, Superdrug, Boots but hands down this one is the winner. None of the others I have tried even come close.
No Drought has a beautiful citrus-y, fresh, clean fragrance that reminds me of sipping on cloudy lemonade in the summer, described by Lush as 'grapefruit and lime scented'. When I first watched/read reviews on this and heard that was the smell I was expecting toilet cleaner but defo not! It also doesn't have the artificially sweet smell of Batiste or the metallic smell of Superdrug's.

White residue:
This was another thing I was a little apprehensive about before I tried this. Since dying my hair dark I have used the dry shampoo specifically formulated for dark hair but as Lush doesn't make one of those I was a little worried this one would give me white roots. It really doesn't though! I tip a small amount into my hand, rub them together, tip my head upside down and apply all over, ensuring I've rubbed it in thoroughly. I then brush my hair through to make sure I've removed any excess and this method has never given me a white root problem!

At £6.50 it is a little more expensive than the others I have tried which range from about £2-£4. Having said that, this bottle will last ages because you only need the tiniest amount, a little goes a long way and because it isn't an aerosol it is easier to measure how much you are using.

So does it work?
Yes yes yes! I can confidently say it is the best dry shampoo I have used. It keeps my hair not only looking and smelling fresh between washes but it also feels fresh which I often find others don't do. I hate the sticky residue-y feeling the other ones I previously mentioned leave in my hair!

I picked mine up in my local Lush store but it is also available here.

What is your fave dry shampoo? Hope you're all having lovely days! Thanks for reading! xx


  1. Ohh I want to try this now!! I was hesitant when I first seen this as I have dark hair and the fact you shake it on I assumed it would be really messy! I am the same as you and rely heavily on dry shampoos but have love/hate relationship with them. I am currently using the Tresemme one and am finding it ok but it makes my hair appear quite dull and the Batiste one makes my scalp really itchy! So I am def going to try this xxx Great post xxx

  2. Oh i've been dying to try this one!! I picked up superdrug's own so when I run out I am buying this baby!

    Thanks for the review!


  3. Will have to try this one, had been a little put off because of the design i.e. no spraying but looks good :) currently using asda's own mainly because it seemed to work as well as Batiste but was cheaper lol.

  4. Ive been wanting to try this for ages! Ive heard people on youtube saying its really good but ive never read a full review on it - will definately be trying this now - sounds amazing and you get quite a lot of product for the price xx