Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hair Growth - What Works For Me

Hey girlies! I have dyed, straightened and processed my hair for about 10 years now and boy oh boy has it taken its toll!! My hair used to be thick and long but after years of abuse it became thinner and very brittle. So for a looong time I've been on the quest for longer, fuller hair (haven't we all?!) and I've tried all sorts of lotions, potions and pills to try and reach my aim! Only recently have I started to notice a drastic difference in the condition of my hair and how fast it grows. This is what's been working for me during the last 6 months...

1. I know you've heard it a million times but you've gotta stop with the heat tools if you want healthy hair. I used to straighten my hair almost everyday and it completely killed the condition! If you absolutely insist on using heat it is IMPERATIVE that you use a heat protectant. I really like TRESemme's Keratin Smooth (pictured below). It's reasonably priced and makes me hair feel healthier and smoother than the regualar TRESemme heat protectant.

2. Dry shampoo has become my best friend during my quest for healthy locks! I try to avoid washing my hair more than twice a week - I know it sounds a bit dirty but washing dries it out soo much, not to mention adding a good half an hour to my morning routine! I have tried many dry shampoos in my time but without a doubt my absolute favourite is No Drought by Lush (pictured below). It smells so fresh and lovely, absorbs all the oil from my hair, adds volume and texture AND is good value for money. £6 a bottle and one bottle lasted me a whole YEAR!!! (using it almost everyday!) WIN!
3. I disovered the 3 products below on my travels in South Africa. They claim to make your hair grow faster which I don't know if I believe is possible I do think they have helped to improve the condition so I like them! The idea with each of these is that you massage the product into your roots and then style. However, this leaves my hair EXTREMELY greasy so I sleep with it in and then wash out the next morning. I know the Hair Fertilizer is available in UK and US (you can buy it here for only £3.79!) but unsure about the Mend N' Grow products sorry!
4. I think taking supplements is so important for your health anyway but some I've found good for hair health are Vitamin B, Biotin and Kelp. (I especially noticed a difference when I started taking the Kelp tablets!

I do hope these tips were useful for you! Please leave in the comments below your top hair health/growth tips or link a blog post if you've done one!
Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog I appreciate it! :)

    My hair is waist lenght and I think it's pretty healthy and it's because I don't use too much heat :)

    I used to take Prenatal vitamins and biotin to make it stronger and nice but I had to stop because I noticed that I gained weight with them!! I stopped taking them and my weight went back to what it was. Now i'm kind of scared to try any vitamins :( I don't want to gain weight again ... I'm glad they work for you though! :)

    Oh I'll look for the Hair Fertilizer that seems quite nice! :D