Thursday, 11 October 2012

My New Skincare Routine

Hey girlies! So while I was away this Summer I noticed a bit of a change in my skin. I've always been quite lucky, never suffered from acne or had overly oily or dry skin so I've never had to try particularly hard with it. However, while I was in South Africa for 3 months earlier this year I noticed my skin wasn't behaving itself as it usually did! The texture wasn't as was kind of gritty and bumpy. I also developed way more spots that usual! So when I came home I immediately began the hunt for some new skin care products that weren't going to break the bank.

I decided on the Boots Botanics Organic range. I figure the less impure ingredients you put on your face, body, hair and in your mouths the less impure you'll look and feel! And so far I'm really liking these products. They cleared up my skin a treat and feel gorgeous, fresh and silky to apply.

The products I opted for:
Botanics 82% Organic Softening Cleanser - £4.99 for 250ml
Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz - £4.99 for 150ml
Botanics Radiant Youth Super Serum (I didn't see an organic one) - £9.99 for 30ml

All available from here or in Boots stores.

I also managed to pick these up while a 3 for 2 offer was on so got the whole lot for under 15 quid! Bargainous!!

What are you using on your skin at the moment? Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading!! Xx


  1. seems good products ^^

    new post

    1. yeh i really like them! thanks for reading! xx

  2. ive herd alot about this range but never tried them. Think im going to give them a go xx

  3. I love the Boots No7 range! The cleansing water is really, really nice.

    1. yeh i like No7 too! i find it a bit pricey for drugstore though so always try to pick it up when i've got one of the £5 vouchers! xx

  4. I've never heard of this brand before. I'm lucky like you and have been blessed with (for the most part) pretty clear and normal skin. I use the very bare minimum basic products. I posted a skincare routine over on my blog, but I use Cetaphil as a cleanser and CeraVe as a moisturizer.

    1. ah i've heard really good things about cetaphil, must try it out sometime! xx

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    1. thanks so much! GFC should be working now! xx

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