Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lush Haul!

Hey girlies! Hope you're all doing well! Today I bring you a post on my most recent Lush purchases! I'm really getting in to Lush at the moment, I love the luxuriousness (is that a word?!) of their products and the different array of scents they carry, especially around Christmas time!

I'm trying to be sensible with my spending at the moment so only picked up 3 items, but could've spent hours and ££££ in there!

No Drought Dry Shampoo £6.50:
I flipping LOVE this product and have used it for about a year now. I've done a full review on it so won't ramble on too much but I will just say it lasts agessss (1 bottle lasted me about 10 months and I use it almost every day!), it smells lovely and really gives me volume and eradicates all grease. I HIGHLY recommend this product. I've tried a lot of dry shampoos (Batiste, Superdrug's own brand, Boots own brand) and this is by far my favourite and the best value for money.

New Shampoo Bar £5.25:
Another love. I was a bit sceptical about a shampoo in a bar form rather than liquid but it's so easy to use, smells lovely (like cinnamon) and leaves my hair feeling soft. The idea behind this is that it stimulates your scalp to encourage hair growth and reduce hair fall out. I've only used it a couple of times so can't tell you if it works yet but I really enjoy using it and how it makes my hair feel. I just lather it up by rubbing it around my hair a few times and it works just like a regular shampoo!

Lip Scrub in Sweet Lips £5.25:
I've been wearing a lot of darker lipsticks recently and as you know it's so important to have smooth lips when wearing lipstick as every crack shows if not! This lip scrub smells and tastes flipping amazing (like chocolate and vanilla) and leaves my lips feeling lovely and smooth. The shop assistant told me they are discontinuing this particular flavour (sad face) so if this sounds like you're kind of thing then whip it up quickly! If not they've also got other yummy flavours like Bubblegum and Popcorn!!

What have you bought from Lush recently?! Xxx


  1. That dry shampoo sounds awesome! I will definitely check it out next time I'm in Lush :D

  2. Aww I love the lip scrub! The shampoo looks awesome, i'll have to see what it's all about.

  3. i have to try the lip scrub! great post girl :)

  4. I've been meaning to try the No Drought Dry Shampoo! Have to pick it up nxt time I'm in store? Do you find it overly cakey on your hair? Also going to pick up the Popcorn lip scrub when ive finished my bubblegum one! xCx

  5. I really want to try more Lush products! Thinking of getting Snow Fairy :) The lip scrub sounds like a saviour for dry lips :)

  6. lovely products! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  7. Just came across your blog and literally every post is something that Im obsessed with, you have amazing taste.
    I had to ask though, have you used Lush's natural face products? I want to try them but see it as a bit of a risky buy.
    Vanessa x

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  14. I do love this post and your blog! I have several products from Lush and I absolutely love them. I highly recommend the body scrub RUB RUB will be amazed, it soothens the skin 100%!!
    Your blog is gorgeous ,I FOLLOW YOU!